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The island that does not exist in Google Maps!

ImageAustralian scientists have denied ekzitencën of an island that is seen in the map of at least a decade.

Researchers from the University of Sydney told AFP that while they go check Sandy Island, what they found was the sea water.

Sandy Island can be seen on Google Maps and also through various atlases printed and weather maps. While satellite view on Google Maps only shows a black hole in the place where it is supposed to have been the island.

Google has acknowledged the error, stating: “The world is in constant process of change and keeping track of these changes is endless effort.”

However, the main question is how, at first, appeared in the island map. One of the theories is that the island is presented as a false destination in order not to copy the original map of a company.

Whatever have been the reasons for the map, the existence of this island has been denied earlier, around 2000, when a group of scientists have reported for the first time since the island did not appear in satellite pictures.



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