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Your negative energy can be converted into mobile battery filling!

ImageIf you are nervous as a tip, a new search by Georgia Tech one day can I take your negative energy to have a full battery cell.

Scientists who research the past have used piezo-electric energy from walking, they create static electricity from moving between plastics and metal, similar to the process of elektrizimit balloon when touching the hair.

Part fillers was increased by a pleasing amount by way of the surface at the “nanoscale”, allowing “effect triboelektrik” multiply and convert up to 15 percent of the mechanical energy into electricity.

About 50 similar materials have joined the company to create the necessary material – part of 2 inches which can be listed as the armband and used for filling the phone battery.

Until now, the technology works very well in the lab, but it remains to be seen if real life vibrations can generate enough energy to make this practical device.

While waiting to see how I will continue this technological generation, be relaxed drink a coffee



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